Flower Petal Ceiling Lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega

Flower Petal Ceiling Lamp


Flowers are amazing: they are so beautiful and delicate and yet they can resist the hardest climates and still look and smell great. Flowers are admired for their beauty and used as a source of inspiration for people for a very long time. If you take a look at these pictures you will see that a lamp that is shaped like a flower, pending from the ceiling looks amazing. This is the Flower Petal Chandelier by Carlo Nason that was created for Mazzega. It can be considered more like an art object than an appliance or home accessory.
First of all the design is very realistic and interesting, as the lamp looks just like a flower, with all the detached petals united together and hanging gracefully from the ceiling. Each petal is manufactured separately from smoked glass and then they are put together and assembled with the help of some screws. The whole lamp with three petals is supported by a steel armature that makes it more secure and safe for those living in the house, considering the fact that the dimensions of the lamp make it a bit heavy (height: 16″ + rod ; diameter: 25 in./ 63 cm).



(height: 16″ + rod ; diameter: 25 in./ 63 cm).



Founded in 1946 by Gianni Bruno Mazzega, the company AVMazzega brings centuries of experience and craftsmanship, passion and tenacity in practicing the art of handmade glass.

Venice and especially the island of Murano, the land of furnaces of glass masters and serventini, which still jealously guard ancient techniques of handmade glass, is the environment in which our chandeliers are produced.

Besides recognized quality, AVMazzega adds cutting-edge techniques and design research, working with famous and prestigious agencies.





Carlo-NasonCarlo Nason

Born in Murano in 1935 he grew up in the old family furnace where glass experts introduced him to the most refined techniques of the island. Since early childhood he was able to observe the master glass makers at work, and his close contact stimulated his creativity and imagination. His creations in glass fully express his artistic sensibility and profound knowledge of the most refined and ancient glass making techniques. Carlo Nason's glass creations are on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Museum of Glass in Murano, as well as many other public and private collections.


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