Anders-FärdigAnders Färdig

Some people say I’m a digital influencer, a huge compliment that still makes me blush. Well almost, since I know how much effort I put into my work 24/7 – just because I burn for this stuff. So probably it’s the result of hard work and yes, I’m proud of it.

I work as one of these so called Social Media guys. Actually my work is part strategic, conceptual and editorial, it depends on the needs. Sometimes I even work for cool advertising agencies and their even cooler clients. Though (or maybe just because) I’m not one of those typical suit wearing business guys, I know the needs and possibilities of brands and consumers regarding digital communication.

My work contains advertising, public and blogger relations, brand building, brand campaigns and social media strategies. My everyday communication is not just digital, but I feel like home at the Internet and of course this could be an advantage for your business.