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Maker is a term I decided to use to describe my being—artist, designer and craftsperson—all part of the same landscape, but maker has a broader stroke. It has more to do with creating in new frontiers as opposed to renovating an existing reality.

For more than 30 years, I have reached, played, transformed and transferred my sense of what is real, what is now and what is why. I have made objets d’art for the body, the home—as heart and soul. Decorating the soul is a
new frontier, it is a space where everything is real, everything is alive and perspective doesn’t  exist—it just is.

Having received recognition in the mainstream press has fueled my courage to explore different ways to make waves and try to ride them. All in all, making what I see and seeing what I make is a priceless experience...the struggle has its rewards.

Over the years my art has been available in major museum shops and leading design stores. My work has become part of many major collections of modern art. Overall, the past, present and future is a goal I hope to express in my work—to strive for a timeless quality.

Jerry Kott


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Jerry Kott