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Virtual Studio is equal parts office and atelier, and as a result, is both a prolific design house and industrial developer of ultra-contemporary objects, as well as an experimental laboratory for advancing industrial design culture. In deftly combining theory + practice with commerce + culture, Virtual Studio places a particular emphasis on the important social and cultural dimensions in today's objects, in order to determine new understandings that support the human spirit, and foster meaningful relationships through today's sophisticated mass-produced environment.

From its inception, Virtual Studio was established to work with clients in an altogether different way. Entrepreneurial in its structure, it engages with companies and vendors worldwide as a true collaborator and equal stakeholder, with compensation based on success or failure, thus fostering an intensely creative and synergetic environment of shared risk and shared reward. Because of this, we follow our projects fully, from conception–to–consumer, and typically oversee all aspects of design, development, engineering, and production.

Projects encompass a wide range of products, furniture, and lighting, and in recent years, Virtual Studio has become recognized as at the forefront in the US with its research and development of cutting-edge LED lighting technologies, resulting in numerous ground-breaking new products. Some collaborators in these, and a wide variety of other types of projects, include; Amazon, Artecnica, Bernhardt Studio, Doug Mockett & Company, Dwell Magazine, Humanscale, Knoll Studio, MoMA Store, Nambé, Monsoon Multimedia, NYNEX Science and Technology, Pablo, Peter Pepper Products, Steelcase, Swatch, Swarovski Crystal Palace, Switch Lighting, and Umbra.