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Creating order and symmetry out of randomness and waste, Stuart Haygarth’s evocative, jewel-like light designs are as much about the process of collecting and collating discarded materials as they are about the elevation of these materials to objects of value or beauty. Inspired by American sculptor Tom Friedman’s meticulous assemblages of common or unusual objects, Haygarth makes vitrines and chandeliers from a wide array of materials, ranging from eyeglasses to items that wash up on the English coastline, constructing narratives about time, waste, loss, abandonment, and modernity. Haygarth is also attuned to how light itself is dispersed by his chosen materials, as seen in the Millenium Chandelier (2005), where he arranged 1,000 exploded firecrackers from New Year’s celebrations into a colorful, diamond-shaped chandelier.

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Stuart Haygarth

Tide and Play by Stuart Haygarth

Tide and Play by Stuart Haygarth

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