Tom Dixon

He's often referred to as the "vertebrate designer." It was a friend of Tom Dixon's, Italian designer Fabio Novembre, who first said it, because of Dixon's interest in exploring the structure and material of an object from the inside out, as if starting with the spine. Born in Tunisia in 1959, Dixon taught himself to weld at age 24. His initial self-produced welded furniture lead to his breakthrough S-Chair design for Cappellini in 1985. Tom Dixon hasn't looked back since.

In fact, he's now not just a person, he's an international brand. Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture. Tom Dixon has a mission to demonstrate the vitality and innovation of British industrial manufacturing by creating inspired, visionary lighting and furniture.

Dixon has spent his life experimenting and seeing things in unique ways. As such, a perfect sphere of chrome rethinks the mirror ball (see the Mirror Ball Pendant), brass cooking pots become sculptural lighting, and polycarbonate is molded and twisted every which way to create an endless array of Tom Dixon lighting and furniture designs.

In order to bring his modern, experimental design vision to light, Tom Dixon has also devised unique and innovative means of manufacture. The spherical Copper Shade Pendant is created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. The brass Beat Light Pendant of the Beat Light Collection is hand-beaten like traditional cooking vessels by craftsmen in India. Tom Dixon furniture, such as the Slab Collection (solid lacquered oak) and Spot Tables (cast iron and vitreous enamel) are created to maximize their utility as well as the beauty of the materials used to make them.

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Tom Dixon