Drop Pendant by Cristian Cubiñá

Drop Pendant handmade, blown glass by Cristian Cubiñá


DROP is a collection of hanging lamps in different formats. Here we present the biggest shape with 37 lights 12V-10W covered by a mouth blown borosilicate glass in a falling drop shape. The total lenght of the cables is 180 cm (there is also available a special structure of 350cm)and can be easely shortened. The shape can be changed from a flatter to a more rounded one by pulling up and down a silicone ring that will hold the cables together. The aproximate diameter of the lamp is 80cm.




  Alma light We are a company specialized in creating and designing modern home lighting. Located in Barcelona, we distribute our products in Spain, Europe and other parts of the world since more than 15 years. Aware of the needs of our customers, we bring out an innovative design together with a high quality production, adapting all our models to the European security standards and offering a competitive price, quickness in our deliveries and an efficient after sales service.



   Cristian Cubiñá

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