Louis Poulsen - PH 50 pendant lamp

PH 50 pendant lamp



PH5 Pendant Lamp by Louis Poulsen
Design: Poul Henningsen.
Manufactured in Denmark under license by Louis Poulsen
Dimensions (in): 11.1 h | 19.7 dia. | 200W max

The Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendant represents the original design from Poul Henningsen. The PH 5 consists of three reflecting shades that illuminate the lamp downward and laterally, creating 100% glare-free light. The interior of the white shades is painted red and features a small blue reflector to create an incredibly warm quality of light.

The PH5 gets its name from the diameter of the top shade, which is 5 dm or 50 cm. The Original PH5 Pendant is wet-painted in a matte white finish with purple struts between the shades. For the high-gloss white or colored version with aluminum struts




Dimensions (in): 11.1 h | 19.7 dia. | 200W max


Manufactured in Denmark under license by Louis Poulsen



Poul Henningsen

Danish architect Poul Henningsen, known by his initials, ”PH” was obsessed with light. He is the legendary creator of the lighting series carrying his name. He can be said to be the world’s first lighting architect.  Poul Henningsen devoted his entire career to investigating the importance of light for our well being. He worked on the theory that the observer should not be subjected to direct glare from the electric light source. Henningsen used a series of layered shades to both spread the light and conceal the light bulb, thus creating a softer more diffused lighting.

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