Tide and Play by Stuart Haygarth

Tide and Play by Stuart Haygarth
Tide by Stuart Haygarth
Tide by Stuart Haygarth
Play by Stuart Haygarth
Millennium by Stuart Haygarth



When evoking Stuart Haygarth’s work, what stands out is his power of perception. Beginning his career as a photographer, his practice revolved around images and collages for book cover art, magazines, or graphic design and advertising agencies. Light has always played an integral part of his thinking, and his projects have frequently been built around objects. After working in two-dimensions he later moved into the third, and sculpture then became his new field of exploration. With the same level of meticulousness, he investigated new avenues, finding expression in the assembly of recycled objects. His ability to modulate light, coupled with his research as a designer, has lead to work that is loaded with meaning, a rewriting of the real.



Stuart Haygarth



Stuart Haygarth

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