Since 1948, Carpyen has designed modern lighting fixtures in their Barcelona studio, illuminating contemporary homes, hotels and businesses around the world. Carpyen designers work with their sales staff to create practical yet innovative lighting designs. Originally founded by designers Antonio Carpintero and Encamacian, today Carpyen boasts designs from the renowned imaginations of such designers as Jordi Mila, Estela + Nero, L’Estudi, Porcuatro, Nova+, Gabriel Teixido, Daifuku, and Pascual Salvador. Each designer brings a particular style and creativity to the Carpyen catalog, resulting in a variety of modern floor and table lamps, ceiling lights, pendants, chandeliers, sconces and even outdoor lights.
Carpyen History
Carpyen has been a staple of the Barcelona design community for well over half a century. Antonio Carpintero joined forces with his fellow designer Encamacian to create Carpyen; Roberto Capintero, who brought an entirely new design strategy to the group, later joined them. Designers Pascual Salvador and Gabriel Teixido would subsequently bring their talents to the firm, designing the iconic Carpyen Galilea lamp.