was born from the union between two companies. One in the electrical industry and the other a design studio. Assembla-Cab operated for more than twenty years in the field of assembly and electrical wiring. The studio of Designer Daniele Gualeni, Eng., who worked for ten years as Product Designer.The business idea originates from the observation of the Italian landscape, of its richness and resources and of several crafts unique to the region.

We wanted to give ILIDE the identity of ‘Made in Italy,’ understood as the result of cooperation between designers (chosen through a design contest) and Italian craftsmen working in the region, searching for unique and exclusive values to be transformed into light.After more than two years of study, research and collaboration ILIDE was born as an acronym meaning Italian Light Design. A new brand which respects the real ‘Made in Italy’ value, dedicated to lighting design, which has been enhanced and reinvented by the regional master craftsmen dedicated to composing a line of original products with great aesthetic value and elevated artistic content.

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