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“There is a new light. No dazzles. No marks. Not even corpuscles or lumens,” begins Pottery Project of its Sponge light description. “It is a warm and porous light, coming from the handmade pottery piece skin.” Sure enough, it’s warm and porous with a complete lack of decorative elements - other than the small holes that allow the light to escape from deep within its structure.
The designer created the Sponge lights to enrich their surroundings with a strong piece of artwork that serves as a functional light. It’s uneven surface comes in white ceramic and the lights are available in different sizes that can work indoors or outdoors, placed on the ground of your garden, yard, or patio floor. In addition, Pottery Project also makes the SpongeUP! hanging light that incorporates the same porous design as that of its sister product, the grounded Sponge version.
Like an underwater sponge-like creature that lives and breathes one the ocean floor, the Sponge light creates a beautiful base layer for your outdoor areas or interior decor as floor lamp that comes in many different sizes to suit your project.

About the Designer: Pottery Project is the ceramic design company of Spanish-born Miguel Angel Garcia Belmonte. Creating all of their projects by hand, they use special techniques to create outdoor and indoor lighting pieces that sit on the ground or hang as a pendant from the ceiling.


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Pottery Project

The Handmade Sponge Lamp by Pottery Project

The Handmade Sponge Lamp by Pottery...

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