Verner Panton

"The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination. Most people spend their lives living in dreary, grey-beige conformity, mortally afraid of usning colours. By experimenting with lighting, colours, textiles and furniture and utilizing the latest technologies, I try to show new ways, to encourage people to use their phantasy imagination and make their surroundings more exciting".

Marianne Panton (Verner Panton's wife):
"For 35 years, I had the pleasure of taking part in the world-famous design work by my husband Verner Panton. Accordingly, it is a wonderful experience for me now to see how popular the VerPan lighting has become - and just how timeless his design has turned out to be. Of course I'm very proud that there is still so much interest in my husband's design and his life's work. It would have made Verner happy, and it certainly makes me happy. Verner had very clear attitudes regarding his work and regarding shape, colours and function. At the same time he made conscious and brave use of different materials. Also in a way and a combination which often led to his contemporaries disparaging the "timelessness" of his design. The great interest in his design today proves the opposite".



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VP Globe pendant light by Verpan

VP Globe pendant light by Verpan

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