Waterproof UFO Lamp Design by Simon Bruenner

Ufo Lamp by Simon Bruenner


Simplicity from another planet. Full of longing, the Ufo stands above all else. The flat base floats, while the glass fibres focus at the centre of the Ufo like an energy beam, engulfing the surrounding space in mystical light. The light emanating from the Ufo radiates, marking the boundaries of the illuminated area and emphasizing the depth of the surrounding space. Taking advantages of the fibre technique and its material, the Ufo light is completely “waterproof”. A beautiful solution for all wet rooms like spas and pool rooms.





Neues Licht




Simon-BrünnerSimon Brünner

Simon Brünner is an established multifaceted artist, who has already achieved international acclaim for his originality of design concepts. He founded the lighting design company, neuesLicht, in 2006, in his first year at university and went to achieve the "Newcomer prize" by Elle Decoration Germany, in 2008. He has concentrated his work on producing projects specific to all forms of luminaires, including art installations for large open spaces, such as hotels and galleries. In 2011, he was appointed the Creative Director for labme, a new laboratory that explores the new possibilities of OLED technology in collaboration with OSRAM.


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